Design services to determine your needs and define your vision. Complete drawings for building permit.

Civil Engineering Construction Beverly Hills


Auxiliary Dwelling Units. Benefit from California incentives to add housing. For your loved ones or tenants.

Civil Engineering Construction Beverly Hills

Building Design

Floor plan development, space planning, functional design, efficient gain of use for less investment in construction cost.

Civil Engineering Construction Beverly Hills

Structural Plans

Structural system design for code compliance and special loads. All materials, creative use of systems and software yield effective solutions.

Civil Engineering Construction Company Riverside

Construction Documents

Plans for architecture, structure, Title 24 energy calculations, and structural calculations. New, remodels additions, and "constructed without permit".

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Our Services

Wood Frame Specialists

Over ninety percent of the firm's projects have been wood-framed. Earl Webb, president of the company, says that the emphasis in development of their computer methods has been directed toward the fast and accurate production of calculations for wood frame buildings. "We also perform a great deal of designs for masonry, most in conjunction with our Type V projects. We have the capability to design any material for any use."

All Materials - All Structures

EW-Webb Engineering offers engineering services tailored to housing and light commercial building. Designers, contractors and homeowners seeking reasonable and timely engineering for houses (new and remodels) and commercial projects such as strip centers and warehouses, now have another source for professional service.

Highly Computerized

Using proprietary software, our engineers can calculate every load bearing element from rafters and joists to headers and beams, following the load path completely down to and including the foundation. This software allows us to consider different options in design of the structural system for economy and appropriateness. This ability is very costly with conventional methods of performing calculations.

Proven, Creative, Professional

EW-Webb Engineering has completed over 3000 projects in Southern California. We have an excellent acceptance record at building departments. About half of the projects have been remodels, many have been new second stories over a single story residence. "Our clients have been happy to learn that their existing foundations can support another story with little or no upgrade. We are very creative at solving all of our structural challenges".